Top 5 Benefits of SMILE Eye Surgery

November 30, 2023

LASIK may be the most popular form of laser eye surgery, but not everyone is a good candidate. SMILE may improve your vision even if you are not a good candidate for LASIK. It can reduce or entirely eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses after treatment, letting you enjoy life with greater clarity. 

What is SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) uses a laser to reshape your cornea. This clear structure bends light as it enters the eye. If you are nearsighted or have astigmatism, light does not focus on the retina at the back of your eye. SMILE changes this angle to produce clear vision. 

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How Does SMILE Eye Surgery Work?

During SMILE eye surgery, you will relax while your eye surgeon works. They will use a laser that passes through the outer layer of your cornea without damaging it. The laser creates a disc (lenticule) of corneal tissue that creates the desired shape. A tiny incision is used to extract the lenticule. As a result, SMILE disturbs the corneal surface less than LASIK. 

Top 5 Benefits of SMILE Eye Surgery

People choose SMILE for many reasons. While it is often discussed as a LASIK alternative, SMILE has its own advantages and benefits

Fast Recovery

The tiny incision used by SMILE allows you to recover quickly. While you may experience a few days of irritation or sensitivity, most people return to their daily routine within one to two days. You are advised to avoid swimming, contact sports, dusty areas, and eye makeup for three days, compared to two weeks for LASIK. 

Safe for More People

The lack of a flap makes SMILE ideal for many people. Those with thin or abnormally shaped corneas should not have LASIK but can often have SMILE. In addition, we may recommend SMILE if you have a history of dry eye problems. People who engage in contact sports are often good candidates for SMILE since there is no flap to dislodge. 

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Less Need for Glasses or Contacts

SMILE allows most people to see with little to no dependence on corrective lenses. Many people enjoy 20/20 (normal) vision. Some will still need glasses for reading or driving. We will give you the best possible predictions, but each person’s eyes respond differently. 

Long-Lasting Results

SMILE changes the shape of your cornea, producing results that can last over a decade. However, the changes that led to your vision problems may continue, leading to changes in your vision. You can also expect age-related changes such as presbyopia (nearsightedness that occurs as your lens stiffens) and cataracts (lens clouding that occurs with age). 

Increased Freedom

Being able to do more things without your glasses or contacts can dramatically improve your life. No longer having to hold back or worry about where to put your glasses can make you feel more free and relaxed. SMILE may help you put an end to the ongoing annoyance of corrective lenses. 

Amazing clinic with so nice doctors. Everyone in clinic extremely friendly, love it! I’ve done SMILE surgery and it was so fast and professional, no pain/stress at all. Dr Dudek is a passionated individual and perfectionist trying to make you happy and providing outstanding level of service! Thank you so much for my life changing event!
Val W.

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