SMILE: Laser Refractive Eye Surgery

SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a vision correction procedure which has been performed over two million times around the globe. It delivers the same great visual results as LASIK, without creating a flap, creating a gentle and comfortable experience for our patients.

This means a sensationless, rapid vision restoration procedure.

SMILE uses an extremely fast and precise femtosecond laser to create a thin, contact lens shaped layer, which is removed through a tiny opening. A small incision is made at the top of the cornea where the lenticule is removed. This allows the curvature of the cornea to change precisely, allowing light to come into focus exactly on the retina.

SMILE is FDA-approved to treat both nearsightedness and astigmatism.

The Advantages of SMILE

There are, many advantages to choosing the SMILE procedure. One clear benefit is that there is no flap, leading to a quicker resumption of activities; such as wearing eye make-up, a quicker return to water sports/activities, and full contact sports.. With the absence of a flap, the potential for flap complications is also decreased.

SMILE is associated with fewer dry eye symptoms, and faster resolution of post op dryness. By avoiding the creation of a flap, SMILE is able to keep more of the surface corneal intact, allowing the eye to maintain a more natural tear production during the healing period.

SMILE allows preservation of the natural corneal biomechanics. By creating only a small incision, the surface of the cornea is left largely unchanged. Maintaining the natural biomechanical state of the corneal helps protect the eye from life’s stressors such as eye rubbing or trauma.

LASIK vs. SMILE Incision

SMILE Criteria

SMILE is the procedure of choice for surgeons around the world when approaching patients who meet the appropriate criteria. SMILE is ideal for patients who have a myopic prescription between -1 to -10 diopters and astigmatism up to -3 diopters. As with LASIK and PRK, the procedure is only recommended for people with healthy corneas, a stable glasses prescription, and no signs of cataract.

SMILE Recovery

Patients who choose SMILE are able to get back to their normal activities faster. Following large incision surgery such as LASIK there is a 2 week period of sleeping with eye shields, avoiding eye makeup, swimming, and contact sports. However, following SMILE, this downtime is minimized to 3 days, allowing people to get back to the things that they enjoy even faster.