What is a Cornea Transplant?

March 30, 2023

Your cornea, the clear outer layer at the front of the eye, focuses light to help you see clearly. When damaged, the cornea may not function properly anymore and can cause significant vision issues. A cornea transplant can restore normal vision and improve your quality of life

What is a Cornea Transplant?

A cornea transplant, also known as a keratectomy, can treat a range of conditions that affect the cornea, such as keratoconus. This dome-shaped structure can be affected by injury, medical conditions, or genetic causes. A cornea transplant replaces your damaged cornea with a new one that comes from a donor. This new cornea will allow you to see normally and can also reduce pain or discomfort due to corneal problems. 

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How Does a Cornea Transplant Work?

Penetrating keratoplasty is a frequently performed procedure that replaces the entire damaged cornea with a donor one. Your eye surgeon will remove the affected cornea. They then align the donor cornea and suture it into place with ultra-fine sutures. Depending on your needs, this procedure may be performed under sedation or general anesthesia. 

Not all corneal transplants replace the entire cornea. Other techniques may replace only the damaged parts or layers. Your consultation gives your eye surgeon a chance to explain your procedure in detail and let you ask questions. Each cornea is different, so every transplant is unique. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Cornea Transplant?

Most candidates for a cornea transplant have damaged corneas that will not heal or continue to cause discomfort. Only a consultation can determine whether you are a good candidate. Some people may not be able to accept a donor cornea. Our experienced team will assess your eye condition and recommend treatment based on your needs. 

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What is Recovery Like From a Cornea Transplant?

You can expect your eyes to feel irritated or sensitive for a few days. Vision begins to clear after several days but can take several weeks to clear entirely. Your eye care team will provide you with eye drops and instructions for your post-treatment care. Avoid swimming or exposure to airborne dirt or dust as your eyes heal. 

What Results Can I Expect From a Cornea Transplant?

Most people see a gradual improvement in their vision over the weeks following their cornea transplant. Most people achieve excellent vision correction and long-lasting results. However, results will vary. Some people may not accept the donor cornea, but ensuring you are a good candidate can help prevent this. 

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