Heart of Texas Eye Institute Patient Testimonial

November 12, 2018

Excellent! That is the only way to describe the reception, attention, medical and eye care I received at Heart of Texas Eye Institute. I visited Dr. Lisa McIntire for an annual eye exam and to seek her professional advice on cataract surgery and am pleased to share my experience.

Dr. McIntire is a very confident doctor and surgeon. Such attitude and personality certainly make a patient like me feel assured about his health and clinical care and more importantly, it creates a strong trust with his physician! She certainly showed her sincere care for my eyes when following her routine eye exam, she ordered additional vision tests for a thorough analysis and elimination of possibilities of cataracts or Glaucoma. I appreciate her care, attention to details of the test results, and her efforts to explain to me the findings and issues.

As a professional engineer, a detail-oriented individual, and one who pays extreme attention to his health and well-being, I am very “particular” about my eyes’ health and ask numerous and in-depth questions during my visits. Moreover, I certainly have high expectations from my health care providers. Lisa took her time to answer all my questions so patiently and I can honestly confess that she surpassed all my expectations!!

I reviewed Dr. McIntire’s academic and clinical history, I was not only impressed by what I read, but also felt affirmed on my observation and judgment on her medical and clinical expertise following my appointments!

I find Lisa to be an intelligent, knowledgeable, attention to details, professional, courteous, spiritual, kind and personable individual.

Mehrdad Vatani, Ph.D.

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