What is Presbyopia?

What Is Presbyopia (pres·by·o·pi·a)?


Presbyopia is a very common eye condition that impacts most all adults. The condition causes your eyes lose the ability to change focus and see objects that are close up. If you have to stretch your arms out in order to read a book or your phone, you may have presbyopia. This conditions starts to become noticeable around the age of 50. Here at Heart of Texas Eye Institute located in Dripping Springs, we can educate and inform you of the causes and signs of presbyopia!


The eye has flexible, soft lenses that can easily change shape, allowing the eyes to focus on objects that are both near and far away. The loss of flexibility and the lens becoming more rigid begins to happen around the age of 40. The eyes can’t change shape as easily as they once did, so it becomes much more difficult to see things up close, like your phone or a dinner menu.


Presbyopia is sometimes confused with farsightedness (hyperopia) but they are different. Farsightedness, which has genetic tendencies and can be present at birth, occurs when the natural shape of your eyeball causes light rays to bend incorrectly when they enter your eye. Presbyopia occurs when the lenses of your eyes lose flexibility as you age. This can be confusing because the results are much the same – difficulty seeing things up close without correction – but, again, the causes are very different. There is no cure for presbyopia, but it can be easily corrected.


Presbyopia is treated by our refractive surgeons at Heart of Texas Eye Institute. We use the KAMRA Inlay with LASIK. The KAMRA Inlay is smaller and thinner than a contact lens. The inlay is shaped like a mini-ring with an opening, or pinhole, in the center, allowing only focused light to enter the eye. The KAMRA inlay is placed in one eye, allowing patients to see up close. Distance vision is maintained in both eyes. By combining KAMRA and LASIK, patients can correct near vision problems and for most patients, eliminate the need for reading glasses.


If you would like to know more about treating your presbyopia or the KAMRA Inlay, call 512-213-2220 for an appointment with one of our highly trained surgeons here at Heart of Texas Eye Institute!