Q: What is the minimal age for getting LASIK?

A: LASIK has been FDA approved since the 90’s and the technology has advanced rapidly ever since. Now, ophthalmologists are able to perform blade-free, all-laser custom LASIK, which often results in 20/20 or better vision. One requirement of LASIK candidacy includes a stable prescription. Because of this, 18 years of age is the absolute minimal age to undergo the LASIK procedure.

When a patient comes in for a LASIK evaluation, the doctor will either request eye exam records from their optometrist or check their current glasses prescription and compare it to their current prescription obtained during the LASIK evaluation. If there is a change in the prescription that the surgeon feels uncomfortable with, then he/she will have the patient wait another year for vision to stabilize. If the patient has a stable prescription, then age is no longer a factor in determining LASIK candidacy. Some patients may have to wait until they are 21 years of age for vision to completely stabilize.