Q: I’m tired of wearing glasses and contacts and would love to have LASIK. I also deal with dry eye, can I have LASIK even with my dry eye condition?

A: It depends. Many times surgeons will treat your dry eye condition before performing LASIK. There are a few options for those suffering from dry eye. One of the most common treatments options includes artificial tears. These do help, but they merely treat the symptoms, not the cause and can become expensive. Holding a warm compress or washcloth to your eyes several times throughout the day has proven to be a simple and effective option for unclogging the important oil glands that help with dry eye. Another easy option is starting a regiment of vitamins, particularly those rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil supplements. This helps the oil layer of your tears, decreasing tear evaporation. Another option, Restasis® can be prescribed. Restasis® decreases inflammation due to Chronic Dry Eye disease, allowing for increased tear production. Treatment options depend on the cause of your dry eye. If you have dry eye, its best to call your doctor for a complete evaluation. Once you have your dry eye under control, you will be ready for the clear, natural vision of LASIK!