Q: Does working on a computer all-day have a long-term affect on my vision?

A: Many of us have a job that requires us to look at a computer screen throughout the day. Inevitably, this can put a real strain on the eyes. The clinical name for this is called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS for short. CVS encompasses many eye related problems related to staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time.

The most common symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome include eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, blurred vision, and neck & shoulder pain. These symptoms are often caused from poor lighting, improper viewing distances, uncorrected vision, or a combination of these factors.

Prevention of these symptoms can be accomplished by making sure your glasses and contacts are up to date, establishing a proper working distance, and purchasing an ergonomic chair. To prevent eyestrain, try taking a break from staring at the computer every two hours for 15 minutes. Also, every 20 minutes, try looking an object in the distance for 20 seconds.