Global Vision Correction Month

Free Laser Vision Correction for Healthcare Workers

Offer Valid Through July 31, 2020

Global Vision Correction Month launched in 2019 in celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the FDA approvals for LASIK. Last year, Refractive Surgery Alliance surgeons from 13 countries participated, operating on over 500 eye professionals. This year, Heart of Texas Eye Institute is one of 48 surgeons from 14 countries participating in Global Vision Correction Month.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought vision to the forefront. Glasses have become even more burdensome than usual as they can fog up when wearing a protective face covering or mask. Additionally, the virus brings on new risks with contact lenses since COVID-19 causes conjunctivitis (pink eye). Finally, both glasses and contact lenses make it difficult to keep hands away from the face, which is the most important and impactful activity when it comes to preventing virus spread. Vision correction makes glasses and contact lenses unnecessary, thus rendering each of these additional risks obsolete.

During the month of July, Heart of Texas Eye Institute wants to help mitigate these risks by offering free LASIK to healthcare workers in Austin metropolitan and nearby areas.

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More Than 90% of Patients See 20/20 or Better Following Laser Vision Correction

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