Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty, or DSEK, is a partial corneal transplant.

The cornea is made up of several distinct layers. The corneal endothelium layer lines the innermost surface. Disorders of the corneal endothelium are responsible for many diseases, such as Fuchs’ Dystrophy. DSEK replaces the portion of the cornea that includes this layer. Allowing the front of the cornea to remain intact, this procedure allows a quicker healing time, better visual outcomes, and less chance of rejection.

After the diseased layer of cells are removed, a graft including healthy cells is gently inserted into the eye and positioned agains the cornea. The graft is then held in place with an air bubble. The patient will remain lying on their back looking up at the ceiling for 24-48 hours in order for the bubble to hold the graft in place as it heals.

DSAEK is a technically challenging procedure that should only be performed by a corneal specialist who specializes in the procedure. At Heart of Texas Eye Care, you will receive the best care from our highly trained and experienced surgeons.

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