COVID-19 Update: A Letter to Patients & Friends

Dear Patients and Friends,

We hope this letter finds you well during this difficult time. We are keeping you personally and our community at large in our prayers.

Everyone is struggling with their own version of this crisis. Some of us are sick, or we may have loved ones who are ill.

For those of us with no sick contacts we are still faced with isolation and economic uncertainty. Some of us are faced with unemployment while others such as our medical colleagues in the Emergency Rooms and ICUs are being asked to work tireless hours in very dangerous conditions.

Our love and our prayers are going out to our community at large and all of the beautiful, precious, and perfect individuals within (i.e. everyone)

At Heart of Texas Eye Institute, we are committed to stopping the spread of this virus, keeping you and your family safe, and limiting the burden on our health care system. For those reasons, we have implemented a telemedicine system which will allow our community to continue receiving medical eye care and limit the number of people visiting the emergency room.

Full Details Can Be Found Here

Stay safe, stay healthy.

—Lisa McIntire, MD
—Lara Dudek, MD